dimanche 16 janvier 2011

IKKI -skecthes for a comicbook.

The last few post except the pics ( of the guy in front of a shop in tokyo ) are some research for a comicbook 'project called "TOPO" fun story 'round the world of bicycle & urban culture, coz i grew up doing lots of skateboard , it's a challenge and i'm very excited to do a story about it, i hesitate many times to start something based on my souvenirs and i talk a lot about this project with my wife & friend's well... they say just f'ckin do it !!
well thats what i do now,i'm not gonna try to do the perfect shit! just explore and draw what we use to do and what happen everyday when i'm ridin my bike.
well hope you will enjoy the sketches ,some comicbook page will come soon,i've got a contact for published this story .

ok , ENJOY

2 commentaires:

  1. Hope this project gets published then, Kalonji, your concept is awesome! :)

  2. Indeed this story will be published normally by a japanese editor i will let you know soon who's the publisher ^^!